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DRAFT Special Publication 800-37 Revision 1 Available
Final Public DRAFT Special Publication 800-37 Revision 1, Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems: A Security Life Cycle Approach is now available.No Longer Supported

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»NIST to Host First App Challenge to Improve Data Access
»NIST Hosts September Meeting on Protecting Health Info Through HIPAA Security
»Comments Requested on Draft Guide for Keeping Medical Information Secure on Mobile Devices
»NIST and NTIA Seek Industry Partners for Public Safety Communications Test Bed
»NCCoE Launches Building Blocks for Email Security and PIV Credentials
»NCCoE Speaker Series July 2015
»NIST Revises Key Computer Security Publication on Random Number Generation
»Safeguarding Health Information Building Assurance through HIPAA Security September 2015
»NIST Publishes Final Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Government Information Held by Contractors
»Research Roadmap Traces the Path to Smart Fire Fighting
»NISTs NextGen PIV Card Strengthens Security and Authentication
»Learn About the State of Federal Cloud Computing at NIST, July 7-10, 2015
»Lockheed Martin Study: NIST Computational Tool Improves Product Testing and Saves Money
»Nothing Says You Like a Tattoo: NIST Workshop Considers Ways to Improve Tattoo Recognition
»NIST Releases Update of Industrial Control Systems Security Guide

Date published: not known

»Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Uconnect Vulnerability
Original release date: July 27, 2015 A vulnerability affecting the Uconnect software from FCA ...
»WordPress Releases Security Update
Original release date: July 23, 2015 WordPress 4.2.2 and prior versions contain critical cros ...
»Cisco Releases Security Updates
Original release date: July 23, 2015 Cisco has released security updates to address vulnerabi ...
»Google Releases Security Update for Chrome
Original release date: July 21, 2015 Google has released Chrome version 44.0.2403.89 for Wind ...
»Microsoft Releases Security Update
Original release date: July 20, 2015 Microsoft has released a security update to address a cr ...
»Oracle Releases July 2015 Security Advisory
Original release date: July 14, 2015 Oracle has released security fixes to address 193 vulner ...
»Microsoft Releases July 2015 Security Bulletin
Original release date: July 14, 2015 Microsoft has released 14 updates to address vulnerabili ...
»Adobe Releases Security Update for Shockwave Player
Original release date: July 14, 2015 Adobe has released a security update to address critical ...
»Updates Available for Flash AS3 opaqueBackground and BitmapData Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities
Original release date: July 11, 2015 | Last revised: July 14, 2015 Adobe has released securit ...
»VMware Releases Security Advisory
Original release date: July 10, 2015 VMware has released security updates to address a host p ...

Date published: not known

»Throwback Thursday: Sizewell B: Fact or Fiction?
This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to 1993, when VB asked the key question: could a vir ...
»Call for last-minute papers for VB2015 announced
Ten speaking slots waiting to be filled with presentations on 'hot' security topics. There's never a ...
»Spam levels fall below 50% for the first time in 12 years
Decline not necessarily good news for spam filters. For the first time in 12 years, less than half o ...
»'NOMORE' attack makes RC4 a little weaker again
No good reason to continue using the stream cipher, yet attacks remain impractical. Researchers from ...
»Throwback Thursday: What You Pay For...
This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to 1996, when VB looked at what was available to pro ...
»Paper: Dridex in the Wild
Meng Su explains how Dridex works and how it communicates with its C&C server. A descendant of C ...
»Those doing bad things deserve privacy too
Hacking Team leakers should have taken a leaf out of Snowden's book. I can understand, at least in p ...
»Throwback Thursday: Cabirn Fever
This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to 2004, when the first worm to spread from mobile p ...
»Little sympathy for breached Hacking Team
Lists of customers, source code and zero-day vulnerabilities made public. The biggest security story ...

Date published: not known

»Stagefright Android Bug: 'Heartbleed for Mobile' But Harder To Patch
Critical vulnerability in Android's multimedia playback engine is easy to exploit, requires no user ...
»Phishing Attacks Drive Spike In DNS Threat
Nearly 75% jump in phishing helped propel DNS abuse in the second quarter of this year.
»The First 24 Hours In The Wake Of A Data Breach
There is a direct correlation between how quickly an organization can identify and contain a data br ...
»Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles After Jeep Hacking Demo
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be watching to see if it works.
»Smartwatches Could Become New Frontier for Cyber Attackers
Every single smartwatch tested in a recent study by HP had serious security weaknesses.
»Car Hacking Shifts Into High Gear
Researchers now have proven you can hack a car remotely, and at Black Hat USA will share most -- but ...
»Emerging Web Infrastructure Threats
A secure cloud relies on some weak Internet infrastructure with some new BGP vulnerabilities that wi ...
»Internet of Things: Anything You Track Could Be Used Against You
Lawyers - not security advocates - have fired the first salvos over wearable tech privacy. The resul ...
»Black Hat USA 2015: Border Patrol
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the fabric of routing on the Internet today, with a approximately h ...

Date published: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:55:20 EDT
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» IBM: No, we did not help NSA spy on customers
[17 Mar 2014 01:15pm]




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